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Use or License PREPARE

PREPARE is copyrighted through the Regents of the University of California.

Some uses of PREPARE require a license and some do not.

Tell us about your licensing needs and request more information.

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Research & Quality Improvement PREPARE License

A Research & Quality Improvement (QI) PREPARE License allows for the utilization of PREPARE assets in research and QI initiatives.

Student Basic Premium

Starting at $500/yr

(verified students conducting small projects)

Starting at $10,000 per year Starting at $20,000 per year
One-year+ license required Yes Yes Yes
Include PREPARE URL in research/QI materials Included Included Included
Print materials for specific time-limited use Included Included Included
Meetings with PREPARE team

Initial set-up meeting

(fees for additional meetings)

Aggregate usage data Included
Custom URL Included

** Price varies based on # of users. Licenses must be executed before research can begin.

** PREPARE materials used in research cannot be housed on other websites or used to create derivative works. PREPARE Terms of Use.

* All revenue generated from licensing is reinvested to support ongoing PREPARE program innovation and to maintain accessibility to the public for personal use.

Copyright © The Regents of the University of California, 2013. All rights reserved.

When licensing is required: No one may add, modify, or create derivative works of any PREPARE content, materials, or PDFs or include PREPARE materials on other parties’ written materials, websites or other platforms without a licensing agreement and written permission from the Regents. No one may reproduce any PREPARE content or materials by any means for commercial purposes. Licensing is also required for the use of any PREPARE content or materials in quality improvement and/or research projects, as well as for branding or data reporting. For more information, please see the PREPARE Terms of Use and Licensing Options.

When Licensing is not required: PREPARE materials are free for individual use and for clinical/organization use ONLY if they are not used for research/QI projects or for commercial purposes. It is OK to provide the "" URL, as written here, as a resource in written or web materials and to download materials directly from the PREPARE website.