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We are all in this together. You can do your part by making a plan. This plan can help you, your family, friends, and your medical providers.

Have a hospital 'Go bag' and make a medical plan during COVID-19.

Click the video above to learn more about the hospital go bag.

To learn about COVID-19:

To learn about medical decisions, such as a breathing machine or CPR:

To learn about help for food, shelter, or bills:

Other helpful resources:

Be Prepared: Take Control Campaign

The “Be Prepared: Take Control” advance care planning campaign was launched in collaboration with national health care leaders.

  • Post about the campaign on social media. To see sample tweets, posts, graphics, and scripts, go here.
  • See the Press Release.

Campaign Selfie Videos:

Dr. Jenni Neahring

Dr. Erika Moseson

Dr. Edjah Nduom

COVID-19 Resources For Providers and Organizations

Tip Sheet

COVID-19 Tip Sheet

This Tip Sheet includes information about advance care planning and planning for medications, pets, bills, and a potential hospital stay.

(Spanish Español, Chinese 中文)


Simple Advance Care Planning Scripts for Everyone

Anyone can begin the conversation and help people prepare.

(Spanish Español)

PREPARE Resources

Other PREPARE Tools for Providers and Organizations

PREPARE Pamphlets, PREPARE Toolkit for Group Movie Events, PREPARE Movies, PREPARE Question Guide, and other tools.

Goals of Care Communication Guides and Other Resources for Providers and Organizations

These organizations have created guides to help clinicians know what to say when talking to patients about COVID-19 and their goals for medical care.