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PREPARE Tools for Providers & Organizations

PREPARE materials are free to the public. It is OK to provide the "" URL in written or web-based materials and to print materials directly from the PREPARE website. Licensing is required from the UC Regents to include any PREPARE PDFs or any PREPARE content or materials on other websites or within other materials. Derivative works are not allowed. Licensing is also required for the use of any PREPARE content, materials, or pdfs in quality improvement and/or research projects, as well as for white labeling (branding) or data reporting. For more information, please see the PREPARE Terms of Use and Licensing Options.

How to Use PREPARE Tools

How to Use PREPARE Tools for Providers & Organizations

A brief summary of the PREPARE tools and how to use them.

Quick Start Guide

PREPARE Quick Start Guide

This handout includes pictures and instructions to help users get into and start using the online program.

Advance Directive

PREPARE Advance Directives

Free to fill out and print for all states in English and Spanish. Chinese is available in some states.


PREPARE Summary of My Wishes

This form includes a summary of all of the user’s answers to the online PREPARE values questions and can be found in the menu.

PREPARE Pamphlet

PREPARE Pamphlets

A brief summary that can be used to tell others about PREPARE.


PREPARE Toolkit for Group Movie Events

A step-by-step guide with all materials to put on group events.

Events use the PREPARE Question Guide and PREPARE Movie.



All website information in a set of movies you can watch one at a time.

These are best used for PREPARE Group Movie Events.

PREPARE Question Guide

PREPARE Movie Question Guide

All website questions in workbook format.

These are best used for PREPARE Group Movie Events.


PREPARE Advance Care Planning Toolkit

More in-depth instructions and scripts for starting ACP conversations and discussing the PREPARE tools.

Respecting Choices and PREPARE Toolkit

Respecting Choices and PREPARE Toolkit

A guide to using PREPARE and Respecting Choices together.


Informational Slides

Slides describing the PREPARE program, the evidence base behind it, and how it can be used in your organization.


Simple Advance Care Planning Scripts for Everyone

Anyone can begin the conversation and help people prepare.

(Spanish Español)

Tip Sheet

COVID-19 Tip Sheet

This Tip Sheet includes information about advance care planning and planning for medications, pets, bills, and a potential hospital stay.

(Spanish Español, Chinese 中文)

PREPARE Advance Directive

4-item ACP Engagement Survey

The survey is validated, easy-to-use, and can be used to measure the effect of ACP interventions.

(Dutch Version)