Use or License PREPARE

There are Many Ways You Can Partner with PREPARE.

PREPARE is copyrighted and trademarked through the Regents of the University of California.

Some uses of PREPARE require a license and some do not.


  • Using PREPARE materials
  • Listing PREPARE as a resource

Using PREPARE Materials (PREPARE Pamphlet, Advance Directives, Question Guide, Toolkit for Group Movie Events)

As long as you download these materials directly from the PREPARE website and print them unaltered, you can freely use them and hand them out to individuals. They cannot be uploaded as a PDF or placed on another website; included within another organization’s printed or online booklet, workbook, or toolkit; or altered in any way.

Listing PREPARE as a Resource

It is OK to provide the link on your website or materials as a resource to individual patients or people. If you do provide a link to PREPARE or any of the PREPARE materials, you must use the main website link. Information about the advance directives and written material are right on the home page.

PLEASE use this description of the PREPARE program:

“PREPARE for Your Care is an online resource that helps people learn about and prepare for medical decision making. This evidenced-based tool features video stories in English and Spanish and guides users as they explore their wishes and learn how to discuss them with family, friends, and medical providers. The website also offers PREPARE written pamphlets as well as a Toolkit to help put on a PREPARE Group Movie Event. These Movie Events can be used in group medical visits or in the community. PREPARE also offers easy-to-read, legally-binding advance directives for all 50 states in English and Spanish. Check out PREPARE here:”


For organizations who want to place their logo onto the PREPARE Materials (Advance Directive, Pamphlet, Question Guide, or Toolkit for Group Movie Events); use PDF’s of the PREPARE materials on their own websites; engage in QI, research or clinical demonstration projects; or would like to explore aggregate data reporting, licensing agreements with the Regents of the University of California are required.

* Please note, licensing agreements between two institutions, take on average 3 months or more. Please take this into consideration when thinking about the timeline of your project.

Explore Research Opportunities

A license with the Regents of the University of California is required if PREPARE is to be used in research, quality improvement, or clinical demonstration projects. Please provide basic information about the project you are considering by completing THIS FORM and emailing it to:

Explore Healthcare System and Organizational Opportunities

PREPARE can be licensed by healthcare and other organizations:

  • for use with their patients
  • for use in group medical visits and billing
  • in conjunction with organization’s human resources and employee benefits
  • to include PREPARE videos and materials into their own programs

We work with organizations to allow them to add their own logos, branding, and health system/organization information (i.e., white-labeling), track usage, monitor related data, and encourage engagement in advance care planning.

Please provide basic information about the project you are considering by completing THIS FORM and emailing it to:

A link to PREPARE may be provided as an informational resource to individuals for their personal use. All other uses of PREPARE by institutions or organizations, including research, quality improvement, or clinical demonstration project, require a license from the UC Regents and permission for use.

For more information on our licensing terms, click here. For further details on licensing, please complete THIS FORM and email it to: