No Talking on This Page

We are all in this together. You can do your part by making a plan. This plan can help you, your family, friends, and your medical providers.

1. Have a hospital 'Go bag' and make a medical plan during COVID-19.

Click the video above to learn more about the hospital go bag.

2. Choose a medical decision maker.

Someone to speak for you if you cannot speak for yourself.

Click here to learn how to choose.

3. Share your wishes. This is MOST important.

Talk with your family, friends, and medical providers about what is most important for your life and medical care.

Click here to learn how to share.

4. Consider an advance directive.

A form that allows you to name a medical decision maker and to write down what you want for medical care.

Click here to get a form.

To learn about COVID-19:

To learn about medical decisions, such as a breathing machine or CPR:

To learn about help for food, shelter, or bills:

Other helpful resources:

Be Prepared: Take Control Campaign

The “Be Prepared: Take Control” advance care planning campaign was just launched in collaboration with national health care leaders.

Help get the word out:

  • Refer colleagues, friends, and family to this web page.
  • Post about the campaign on social media. To see sample tweets, posts, graphics, and scripts, go here.
  • Make your own selfie video and share it on Twitter or Facebook. Check out some of the campaign videos below. Remember to tag @PrepareforCare so we can share it further.

See the Press Release!

Campaign Selfie Videos:

Dr. Jenni Neahring

Dr. Erika Moseson

Dr. Edjah Nduom

COVID-19 Resources For Providers and Organizations

Simple Advance Care Planning Scripts for All Outpatient Health Professionals (Free)

At this unprecedented time in our history, advance care planning has to be ALL OF OUR JOBS. We have put together simple, easy-to-follow scripts that allow anyone as well as any medical provider from any specialty to begin the conversation and to help people begin to prepare before a medical crisis.

(Click here for a Spanish version.)

COVID-19 Tip Sheet for Patients (Free)

In collaboration with our colleagues in the Division of Geriatrics at UCSF, we have put together a COVID-19 Tip Sheet. This includes information about advance care planning, but also planning for medications, pets, bills, and a potential hospital stay. You will notice that many of the resources are specific to the San Francisco Bay Area and reference the PREPARE for Your Care website and advance directives. You can use this as a template for your preferred advance care planning tools and local services.

(Click here for a Spanish version.)

Easy to use advance directives for all 50 states in English and Spanish (Free)

Patients are social distancing at home and may not be able to legally execute an advance directive right now. However, people can still learn about their wishes and preferences, and we believe that ANY information about the patient's wishes during this pandemic would be helpful to families and medical providers.

Easy to Read PREPARE pamphlets (Free)

This provides an easy-to-read outline of the 5 steps of the PREPARE website

Goals of Care Communication Guides and Other Resources for Providers and Organizations

These organizations have created guides to help clinicians know what to say when talking to patients about COVID-19 and their goals for medical care.